DSTU ISO 14001: 2015 (ISO 14001: 2015, IDT) The national standard of Ukraine. Systems of ecological management. Requirements and guidance for use.

In September 2015, a new edition of the international standard ISO 14001:2015 "Environmental Management Systems - Requirements and guidance for use" was published.
In contrast to the version of the DSTU ISO 14001:2006, it contains a number of fundamental changes concerning both the structural design and the content of the requirements.
These include the application of risk management approaches in conjunction with the process approach, the analysis of the context of the organization and a number of others.

The standard applies to organizations that want to:
• demonstrate to customers and partners the stability of the company's development and innovation in production,
• improve the environmental performance of the organization, including environmental indicators of products (services),
• reduce the impact on the environment,
• monitor compliance with legislative requirements in the field of environmental protection,
• reduce emissions and consumption of natural resources, etc.

All the requirements of this standard are intended for a wide range of organizations, since it takes into account the industry and technological characteristics of both individual entrepreneurs and large organizations.

The cost of certification depends on the size of the organization and the volume of services provided. To calculate the cost of certification, please fill out the application form.

Download the application for certification (link) or ask a question (link to the feedback form).

In August 2017 NAAU received the status of a signatory on mutual recognition in the fields of product certification, personnel certification and certification of management systems.
In September 2017, NAAU and IAF signed an Agreement on the use of the IAF MLA mark, which allows accredited certification bodies for products, personnel and management systems to use the combined IAF MLA sign on their documents, subject to signing a separate agreement with NAAU.

For organizations this means that from now national certificates of DSTU ISO 14001 is equivalent to the international certificates ISO 14001 and have the same status as the international.