Laboratory Global Certifik

Laboratory Global Certifik is registered and is currently undergoing accreditation procedure at NAAU according to ISO/IEC/17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

The spectrum of laboratory testing services covers machines and equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, and building materials.

International cooperation

Thanks to our international partners, we can offer a wide range of tests in accredited laboratories in various fields

  • Tests for microbiological safety
  • Biodegradation tests in vitro
  • Acceptance testing of cleanliness of premises
  • Tests of all types of implants
  • Material testing
  • Biocompatibility tests
  • Testing of appliances for burning gaseous fuels
  • Initial production testing
  • Non-destructive testing of industrial welded structures
  • EN 60204-1 Safety tests of the electrical equipment of machines
  • EN 60601-1 Safety tests of electrical medical devices

and others.